One of the strangest experiments in film history, Smell-O-Vision, comes back for the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival with this special roadshow presentation of HOLIDAY IN SPAIN, complete with overtures and intermission (as well as audience participation). Under its original title, SCENT OF MYSTERY, the film was a combination travelogue-thriller about a mystery novelist (Denholm Elliott), who stumbles on a plot to kill an American heiress (Beverly Bentley). With his trusty sidekick (Peter Lorre), he sets out to save her, but is he fighting to protect the right woman? The film’s big selling point was Smell-O-Vision!, a process for pumping various odors—including roses, wine, pipe smoke and a perfume that holds the key to the plot—into movie theatres. The original had moments of deft humor and beautiful scenery, as well as a surprising cameo, but it ultimately failed at the box office, so Todd sold the film to Cinerama. They released a shorter version reformatted for the Cinerama screen, called HOLIDAY IN SPAIN, which is the only version that survives today, thanks to a digital reconstruction from 65mm and 70mm elements by Cinerama Inc. The original 125-minute version is thought lost but with an innovative new scent delivery approach, the film is returning to its aromatic roots for this special presentation on the Cinerama screen.

(d. Jack Cardiff, 109m, Digital)

Presented in collaboration with Cinerama Inc., Redwind Productions, Scented Storytelling, Scent Events and the Institute for Art and Olfaction, sponsored by the Arclight Hollywood

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In attendance: BEVERLY BENTLEY