Ann Robinson is a true daughter of this fine town: born in the Hollywood Hospital, she attended Hollywood High School and grew up between Sam Goldwyn and Eagle Lion Studios.

Miss Robinson was brought to Paramount in 1951 by their legendary talent scout, Milt Lewis, where she was signed and made part of the studio’s famous “Golden Circle Stars of Tomorrow” and soon groomed for the role of Sylvia Van Buren in producer George Pal’s THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953). Not too long after, she went on to sign with Warner Bros. when Jack Webb chose her for his feature film, Dragnet (1954). Having started her career as a stunt rider and double for many notable stars, she made several Westerns and starred opposite Buster Crabbe and Neville Brand in Gun Brothers (1956) and George Montgomery in Gun Duel at Durango (1957), and had a lot of fun being a part of the television series Fury. In 1958, Ross Hunter cast her as the “Subject of Color” for the climax in his remake of Imitation of Life. At this time, Miss Robinson chose to leave Hollywood and marry the well-known bullfighter from Mexico, Jaime Bravo, with whom she had two sons, Jaime, a sports director since1984 for ABC, and Estefan, a touring musician.

The surprise of her life came in 2004, when Steven Spielberg asked her to have a cameo in his magnificent version of the H.G. Wells’ classic tale The War of the Worlds. Since the 25th anniversary of the original in 1977, Miss Robinson has enjoyed touring with this epic film and visiting international conventions on its behalf. Being invited to honor George Pal at this Film Festival certainly marks the highlight of them all.