Greg Kintz is a leading authority on 3-D film restoration. His most recent work released on 3D Blu-ray—Dragonfly Squadron (1954), The Bubble (1966), 3-D Rarities (2015) and The Mask (1961)—has been widely acclaimed by critics and classic film fans around the world.

3D became a personal interest for Greg Kintz after first seeing a Golden Age stereoscopic feature film at a local college in 1979. In the early 1990s, being a professional broadcast technician, he began investigating many of the available 3D video formats and their viability with existing television technology. Starting in the mid-1990s, his work began on various stereoscopic film to video transfer methods, including workflow, storage and different dual-cam designs which has continued to the present day. For nearly 15 years, Mr. Kintz has also remastered rare and vintage stereoscopic materials for the 3-D Film Archive.

Current work with the 3-D Film Archive include a full restoration of Herbert L. Strock’s 1954 science-fiction classic, GOG. Restored from the only surviving and rapidly deteriorating left/right 35mm elements.