Michael Mortilla is an LA based composer and sound designer who has collaborated with numerous artists, from Martha Graham to Patton Oswalt. He has received multiple commissions from the Chicago Symphony, the Academy of Motion Pictures, the Library of Congress, and the National Film Preservation Foundation. His music has been performed at the National Archives, the Olympic Games, Lincoln Center, the White House, the Getty Center and Villa, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the MPAA and LACMA, and on NPR, PBS and Turner Classic Movies. In 1997, Mortilla scored the world’s first feature film broadcast over the Internet in association with AFI (Charles Chaplin’s The Rink [1916]). With over 1000 productions to his credit, he continues to work in film, theater, dance, comedy, and silent film. You can learn more about his work at MIDILifeCrisis.com.