Tara McNamara is a TV and radio pro who has carved out a niche as a movie commentator with an expertise in film awards and family films. Tara is a Today show “Reel Mom”; a featured columnist in Fandango’s “Family Room”; and is a regular contributor to multiple media outlets including Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Inside Edition, CNN, The Wrap and The Huffington Post. Tara has also served as a film reviewer, award show expert and industry analyst for Reelz Channel.

Previously, Tara worked as Variety’s entertainment reporter on Sirius Satellite Radio, broadcasting the industry’s top stories during the workday. She served as a contributor to the Daily Variety publication specializing in music, youth and the heartland, particularly their annual “Youth Impact Report,” which she helped create. She teamed up with Variety to co-host the first ever Virtual Reality red carpet at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), followed by the first ever Virtual Reality award show red carpet for the Young Hollywood Awards.

Tara’s career as a film journalist began in 2002, while she was working as a VJ and news anchor for Country Music Television, an MTV Network. Tara and her son Cole, then nine-years old, would voraciously watch Turner Classic Movies together. TCM created a passion for films that inspired Cole and Tara to create KidsPickFlicks.com, where kids could be movie critics. The mother and son ran the site for a decade, giving both unparalleled insight into the cinematic tastes of youth. In 2013, tween pop culture site Fanlala.com acquired KidsPickFlicks and rebranded it as Crixit. Tara served as the Editor-in-Chief of Crixit and parent review site ThatWasSomething for two years. Cole, now 21, attends Seton Hall University and is pursuing a finance degree with the intention of becoming the next Harvey Weinstein. Whenever he comes home, the first thing Tara and Cole do is look to see what’s airing on TCM.

Tara is also mother to Riley, 15, and Tate, 5.